Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost for PC Cracked Fast Torrent Free Download

Release: To Be Announced 2011
ESRB: Teen
Size: 286 MB

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The first thing to note about Age of Enigma is that it is not a hidden object game; it is a point-and-click adventure game. There are no scenes of objects to search for, everything you need is scattered around the rooms of the house. Remember that the first rule of any adventure game is to pick up everything that’s not nailed down.

You will be solving numerous inventory puzzles on your adventure along with a surprising array of traditional puzzles. Several of the puzzles in Age of Enigma are quite unique, putting new spins on standard puzzles.
There are two modes of gameplay to choose from, casual and adventure. Adventure mode allows you to move freely through the game, without a lot of hand holding. In casual mode, you may not be allowed to enter certain areas until you’ve completed tasks in another area. The adventure mode also promises additional dialogue and more challenging puzzles.
If you become stuck on a puzzle you have the two options. When you click on the skip button you can choose to either use a Joker and have the difficulty of the puzzle decreased, or you can choose to skip the puzzle completely. You can use up to two Jokers on any puzzle and at any time. There is no recharging of hints or the skip button, and you are free to use these options as much or as little as you’d like.


Tested on XP, Windows 7 64 bit home premium and windows 7 32 bit professional.
FIXED Random "Access Violation" crashes when playing,Unsaved profiles when game quits, crashes, or when the trial expires and Game ends and loads black screen issue. Now you can enjoy in this game without any errors!

Installation Instructions:
Unpack and Play.

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