Half Life One PC Game Full Download.

Half Life is an action game where the playing character is Gordon Freeman, a young researcher associated in the Anomalous Materials Laboratory. He doesn't know how dangerous his job really is untill the morning he is sent alone into the Test Chamber to analyze a strange crystalline specimen & something goes really wrong.

It is first person shooting game released on  Nov 19, 1998 & develpoed by Valve. This game got a big hit as soon as it was realesed. If you want to get a real feel of action game you must play it.

Game developers have tried to make it more realistic than others. In many action games you may get weapons, ammo, armour simply lying in the ground or in a empty room. But here you have to get it from the dead soldiers or from a weapon locker. So you have to play it carefully. In some games enemies shoot you from one side. But this isn't going to happen here. They will split up, some of them will try to hold you at the same position you are so that you can't move away. It gets hard & makes it more real. You will hear them saying "Fire in the hole!" or "Look out!" as the grenades go flying. Then they actually try to get away from your grenades. There are new weapons, new levels. You have to solve variety of puzzles. Anyone will enjoy this game playing. 

Minimum Requirement: 

CPU: 133 MHz Intel Pentium Processor or better
RAM: 24 MB of RAM
VGA: 8MB video card
OS : Windows 95, Windows 98,Windows NT 4.0, or higher
HDD: 400 MB
Sound:  Windows-compatible sound device
Network: Internet Connection
Resolution: 640x480 SVGA high color (16-bit)
Recommended peripheral: Mouse, Keyboard

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Half-Life 1 Full PC Game + Serials
380 MB


Half Life Full
246 MB

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