Prince of Persia: Warrior Within PC Game Full Download.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within is a most popular video game & sequel of Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. Ubisoft developed and published Prince of Persia Warrior Within. This game released on 2nd December 2004 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

The Prince has ability to wield 2 weapons at one time and ability to rob his enemies weapons & throw them. Prince's repertoire of combat moves expanded into the varying strings which allow player's to attack enemy with more complexity and was possible in previous game.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within has darker tone than predecessor adding in ability for Prince to despatch his enemy with several finishing moves.
Set of seven years after events of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince find constantly hunted by terrible beast which known as Dahaka. The Prince Advice counsel from a wise old man who explains whoever releases of The Sands of Time die must. Because Prince escaped his fate and it's Dahaka's mission as a guardian of Timeline to ensure he die as he meant to. Old man also tell's the Island of Time, where Empress of Time 1st created the Sands. Prince set's sail for Island in attempt to prevent Sands from ever being created and act he believes appease the Dahaka. Then after one battle at ocean with enemy forces led by mysterious woman into black capsizes Prince's ship. Prince washes ashore unknowingly onto Island of Time.

Minimum System Requirement:
Operating System: Windows 98/ Xp / 7
CPU: Pentium III or Athlon equivalent
Video Card: 32 MB 3D video card
RAM: 256 MB
Direct X: Dx9.0 Compatible
Free Disk Space: 2 GB
Download Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Full PC Game

Download From MediaFire
Size: 312 MB
After install it will be 1.03 GB

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